Energy Health

ENERGY HEALTH is a weekly one-hour class of energetic skill building to help you reduce stress, find balance, and build health in the whole of you.  You’ll enjoy this ONLINE ZOOM class from the comfort of your home or the convenience of your workplace, or wherever you have good internet connection.

Stress is the Number 1 cause of physical, mental and emotional suffering, and Gary Peterson, RCST has been helping clients and students to resolve issues of stress and trauma for 35+ years.  His upcoming book is called Settling: Simple Practices for Calming Your Nervous System, Quieting Your Mind, and Nurturing Your Spirit.

By popular demand, the majority of each class is spent in a deep Settling® exercise designed to help you release excess sympathetic energy (nervous system pressure from stress and anxiety), and relax deeply.  Deep Settling® is found to be deeply healing for your nervous system and thus is a critical support for you during these challenging times.

Energy Health is held every week on TUESDAYS at:

5:15 pm PACFIC TIME 




You must register by 10:00 am Pacific time on Tuesdays to receive the Zoom sign-in info for that day’s class.



One-time, drop-in fee is $15


5-class package is $65