Private Sessions with the STAR Staff

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy with Gary Peterson

Each private session with Gary or Bonnie Peterson — from Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy to Manual Lymph Drainage — features a unique approach to healthcare.

Rather than over-focusing on our clients’ symptoms, we at the STAR Institute give our attention to the subtle but dynamic presence of Inherent Health in each person.  In this revolutionary approach, we notice and palpate (touch, sense) your Inherent Health as slow, rhythmic, whole-body movements of expansion and contraction, which we refer to as the Tide. We also follow the Tide as it goes into resting periods which we call stillness. As we track (follow) the Tide in its movement throughout the body, patterns of pain, resistance and trauma are also revealed. We track the interaction of these patterns with the Inherent Health of your system. This interaction of pain patterns and Inherent Health gives rise to a more concentrated level of Health, which we call the Inherent Treatment Plan. This deep intelligence, arising from within you, begins to gently and powerfully resolve the patterns, bringing improvement to a wide range of symptoms and conditions.

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Payment Options

If you are a current student in our Foundation Trainings or a recent student in our advanced / special classes, private sessions are $110-$140 sliding scale.

Current Student

If you are a graduate of our Foundation Trainings or a former student in our advanced/special classes, private sessions are $120-$150 sliding scale.

Graduate Student

If you are not a current or former student in our trainings and classes, private sessions are $180-$220 sliding scale.

Neither Current Nor Former Student