Introduction to Working with Babies

February 16-18 from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm daily
Robyn Michele Jones’ residence • 328 Stanford Ave • Santa Cruz, CA

Online (Zoom) Enrollment Also Available
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1 GP BCST with Mabel

“The way babies are treated are the ways they will grow up to treat the world.” Pam Leo, birth educator


This workshop presents a unique skillset for being with babies and their parents, while slowly and gently helping them resolve conception, prenatal, birth and early neonatal traumas.  This skillset arises from an eclectic blending of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Polarity Therapy, Castellino Prenatal / Birth Therapy, Somatic Experiencing® and my own work with the nervous system, called Settling®.


The evidence is overwhelming that shows that babies who are treated with violence and abuse, even when it is unintended, grow up to perpetuate the same violence and abuse.  By contrast, babies who are treated with love, respect and presence grow up to be loving, respectful and sensitive to other living beings and to the world they live in.  So if we wish to see real positive change in the world, it must begin with helping babies retain their innate consciousness – their “Inherent Health.”


This workshop teaches you particular skills and awareness that helps babies and their parents resolve the stresses and traumas that obscure that Inherent Health.


Presence • pacing • body-centeredness • Settling® (nervous system self-regulation) • transmutation (shifting body awareness from solid to fluid to potency)


Recognition • co-regulation • somatic tracking • harmonic resonance


Conception • implantation • discovery • birth • early neonatal life


Parental stresses, accidents and illnesses • pharmacological stresses • medical interventions • umbilical shock • anesthesia affects • and more


WE’LL ALSO WORK WITH PARTICULAR HANDS-ON CONTACTS that support autonomic nervous system regulation, structural decompression, and disengagement of inertial patterns and traumas.  There will be a hands-on demonstration each day, with real-time moms and babies when possible, and there will be daily hands-on trades.





• In person attendance limited to the first 8 students to register


• Online (Zoom) attendance requires a practice partner for the daily bodywork trades.
You can invite a bodyworker colleague to attend the class with you, or arrange for a spouse, relative or friend to be available to be worked on during the trade portion.


• Whether you attend in-person or via zoom, you’ll also get the full 3-days as a video recording.




About the Presenter


Gary Peterson is a Registered Craniosacral Therapist and approved Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST) teacher who has been teaching and practicing energy therapies for over 30 years.  He teaches BCST foundation trainings, Polarity Therapy trainings, Settling® trainings and Working with Babies workshops at various locations around the U.S., as well as advanced BCST workshops and other therapeutic work with the nervous systems.


His teaching and private practice are inspired by his strong desire to understand and help alleviate the deep causes of suffering induced by stress and trauma to the nervous system.  He is especially motivated to help moms, babies and their families resolve the crippling effects of traumas that happen during gestation, birth and early neonatal life.


Gary studied BCST with Franklyn Sills, a pioneer in the field of Craniosacral Biodynamics, and author of several books on the topic. Gary also studied with the late Dr. Ray Castellino, himself a pioneer in the field of birth imprints and trauma for babies and their families.


Gary’s first book, Settling: Simple Ways to Calm Your Nervous System, may finally be published in late 2024 after 2 decades of gestation! Gary and his wife Bonnie have 3 grown children and 2 grandchildren, and live near Sebastopol, California.


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