Source, Fluidity and Relaxation

Photo Heaven on Earth by Christine A. Lang

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin gave us this simple and profound awareness, “We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

The reality of this awareness is often hard for us to grasp.  We live in a materially-oriented world, and that world keeps coming at us non-stop, through our five senses.  We are literally being bombarded 24/7 by sights, sounds, smells, tastes and tactile experiences that keep our attention scattered in that sensate world.

And yet, in the background, working quietly as the primary energy that is indeed the core of our existence, our essence or soul is, as Dr. Randolph Stone said, “the real substance behind the appearance behind matter and forms.”

Science is slowly edging closer to the awareness that the spirit manifests the material.  In my work as a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist, I’ve come to understand that the Universal or the Divine has made this manifestation through an extraordinary unfolding of consciousness, from the highest state to the most basic state.  These changes in state are the intersections in which this unfoldment moves from a more implicit (hidden) state into a more explicit (obvious) state.

In human development, conscious energy first manifests an energy field, a virtual energy anatomy, that becomes the template that our physical form unfolds from.  Science is beginning to acknowledge the reality and the scope of this phenomenon, calling this field various names such as the Akashic Field and the Living Matrix.

As energy slows down within the energy anatomy, the first measurable layer of physicality emerges.  We call this conception and we recognize it as a tiny fluid bubble called a conceptus.  What science has failed to recognize up until recently is that the emerging fluid form is saturated with conscious energy, and it is that conscious energy that continues to develop and maintain that emerging form.  So, we are basically a living intelligence, an expression of our essence, at every level-mentally, emotionally and physically.

Our development moves through many embryological phases, but can be summarized by noticing the three main unfoldments:  consciousness becomes energy, energy becomes fluid and fluid becomes tissue.  In this unfoldment process, fluid occupies the unique role of being the bridge between the spiritual and the solidly material.  Our fluid nature is an extraordinary thing, and has been proclaimed throughout history.  In recent times, Dr. Masuru Emoto’s work has demonstrated that water is responsive to a wide variety of conditions and even emotional states.  Its crystalline structure becomes more elegant in the presence of good support and positive emotions, and its structure becomes eroded and fragmented when water is polluted or is exposed to negative emotions.

FLUIDITY is certainly imagery on one level, and as such, is a strong neural stimulus for relaxation. But in fact, our bodies are over 60% water and have the capacity to distribute fluids in and out of tissues.  The apportionment of fluid in and out of different body structures (muscles, bones, organs and other tissues) is called thixotropy–a word that is also found in geology and botany.  Similar to our bodies, the soil and plants are  apportioning water from wetter areas to dryer ones (hydration).

If we focus our attention in a relaxed way, we can help our bodies hydrate (move fluids into dryer areas, such as tight muscles and tissues).  The key here is to use your breathing to start helping you slow down and relax.  When you can easily belly breathe, then you can start to shift your attention away from breathing a bit, and put your attention on the general “felt sense” of your body.  With each exhale, as you hold an intention to widen and soften, you’ll start to notice a bit of the “water balloon” effect.

As you increasingly feel fluid, you increasingly feel WHOLE.  A body of water is a whole system.  Every drop merges into the whole and is basically undifferentiated.  Our bodies are whole systems too, but our minds tend to fragment the “felt sense “ of that wholeness.  We feel aches and pains here and there, we’re in our heads a lot and thus disconnected to the felt sense of different parts of our body, we don’t feel good about our bodies for various reasons, and thus we sort of splinter our awareness of our bodies.  Despite all this fragmentation our bodies are WHOLE.

In fact, our bodies and minds are together a whole system–no real separation between body and mind.  That separation stuff is a myth perpetuated by folks like Rene Descartes and Isaac Newton. New physics, biophysics and biology is proving this.  Scientists like Bruce Lipton, Rupert Sheldrake, Ervin Lazlo and countless others, pointing  the way back to wholism.

So, as you feel increasingly WHOLE, there is a great relaxation that occurs.  A shift of awareness from survival orientation to “thrival” orientation, ie, the feeling that you are really well, healthy, content, happy, present, etc.  If you can let your body move into its FLUID state, the feeling of well being and peacefulness will usually follow as a natural result.

The beautiful photo Heaven on Earth used at the top of this article is by Christine A. Lang © 2009.  Copies of the print may be ordered by contacting her at