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Settling Exercises Gary Peterson

2 Settling Exercises

“One of the greatest transformations in my own life came about when I learned how to settle my nervous system. It had such a positive effect on so many areas of my life—from health to relationships to work issues and more—that I knew everyone could benefit by learning and using simple Settling skills. So I embarked on a multi-phased Settling project, intended to help as many people as possible resolve stress patterns and traumas in their own nervous systems. Trauma and post-traumatic stress are agonizing experiences, and I am happy to make whatever small contributions I can to help you find resolution, health and balance once again.” – Gary Peterson

2 Settling Exercises is an instructional CD that gives you 2 step-by-step sequences for settling your nervous system. The first exercise, A WholeBody Release, teaches you how to track subtle sensations throughout your body and helps you to release tension from the bottom of your feet to the top of your head. The second exercise, Settling into a Wider Field, teaches you how to find space and relaxation within yourself by learning how to shift your perceptual awareness.

Use this resource at home, in the car, at the office or almost anywhere to find immediate support and experience gratifying results. This is a highly effective asset that many people re-order again and again to give to family and friends.


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