Programs Outside California

Learn about our classes and workshops that are offered outside of California.


Annual Cleveland, OH Advanced Class

September 18-22, 2019:  Special 5-day class in  Cleveland, Ohio 

Silver Tides: Biodynamic Skills for Working with the Aging Body and Brain

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Introduction to Polarity Therapy for Heartfulness Trainers of North America

This is a special workshop, available only to Heartfulness Trainers of North America.

This workshop introduces you to the basic skills and principles of Polarity Therapy. Polarity Therapy was developed by Dr. Randolph Stone (an osteopath, naturopath and chiropractor) in the mid-20th Century.  Dr. Stone spent considerable time in India with his spiritual teacher, and the core of Polarity Therapy developed from his growing understanding of ancient Eastern healing arts, particularly the Indian healing practice of Ayurveda.

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